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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Test 3.

The vast majority of my gaming these days is the recreation of large battles (usually of the Napoleonic Wars) using 1/72 figures but I retain an affection for the larger figures that I (and indeed probably most boys in the 1970's) started with. Here are some 1/32 figures from various manufacturers engaged in a WW2 skirmish in my loft:

British squad engages the enemy from cover.

The Germans return fire and move up reinforcements.
An ambush is set in the village and the British armoured column blunders towards it.
The British are suspicious and move to outflank the village while probing cautiously up the main road.
The heavy guns are brought into play but this battle was never concluded. Whilst I enjoyed setting it up I ran out of enthusiasm for the game itself and it was eventually just packed away without finishing.

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