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Monday, 17 April 2017

Now I know you are all dying to know what I have spent the bank holiday doing? "Surely you got some gaming done over that long weekend?" I hear you cry... Well no actually - mostly I joined the rest of the country banging nails into things (quite appropriate really) but I did get some hobbying in. I built no less than 16 of those 1:100 Zvezda tanks (to get them out of the way as much as anything) and in preparation for the next 1809 game I have been painting Poles.

These are made by Strelets. I have to say I rather like them. They have been criticised for being too skinny but I would say that although they are a little long in the leg they look fin eto me - painted up well.

Here they are en masse just glued to their bases.
The next battle should be Ratzyn - Poles and Saxons attempt to slow the Austrian drive towards Warsaw. That said I am going to be participating in a 54mm Stalingrad next week so I may post some pics of that if I get time to take any.


  1. Looking great Phil.
    I have some of these on order and am looking forward to seeing them in the 'flesh' (plastic). Hope that the 'in attack' version comes out soon too.
    Amazingly, we too are planning to do a game of Raszyn later in the year!

    1. Thanks James
      Look forwards to seeing your game! I am increasingly impressed with the Strelets stuff- I think they are one to watch. That said I am disappointed that they are making their British set in Belgic shakos...