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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Raszyn 1809

Bit of background: In addition to the invasions of Bavaria and Italy in 1809, the Austrians had launched an attack on the newly formed Grand Duchy of Warsaw. This state had been formed by Napoleon as a satellite from the rump of Poland and its inhabitants saw it as a torch bearer for the Polish nation. For this reason and in the hopes of drawing Prussia into the war as an ally, the Austrians sent an army led by Archduke Ferdinand across the Galician border in April 1809. Raszyn (spellings vary) was the first attempt to stop them by the Duchy's nascent army, commanded by Prince Poniatowski.

This is quite a small battle in Volley and Bayonet terms. I would double up the figures but to be honest I don't have any more Poles. Perhaps the sparse look is a good representation of odds. Anyway I made each base an independent unit (normally it is two bases) and increased the hit points to make more of a battle. Poniatowski is outnumbered roughly 3:1but he only has to hold Raszyn and the bridges till nightfall.

Turn 1

As in the historical battle the Austrians pushed their Grenzer across the stream on their far right and advanced towards Falenty in the centre.
The Poles fired some opening shots but otherwise held their line.

Here the Polish commander issues his initial dispositions...

Turn 2

Little manoeuvring here as the Austrians just head straight for the Falenty salient. Honours are even in the initial firefight.

The Poles throw up barricades across the causeway in Falenty:

Turn 3:

The Austrians move up their cavalry to counter the threat on their left.

The Austrians move to surround Falenty.

Which is assaulted unsuccessfully.

Heavy casualties are taken crossing the bridge to attack Kamieniaki on the Austrian right.

On their turn the Poles pass an initiative roll and move their cavalry reserve to the right.

But lose the elm wood to superior numbers.

Turn 4

The Austrians are doing well; they are over the river on the right though in small numbers.

They take Falenty but fail to overwhelm the single artillery battery remaining in the salient.

The Poles whittle down the Grenzer and destroy the Austrian line infantry on their side of the Mrowa stream.The collapse of the Falenty salient however sees an end to the proposed Polish counter attack and the line is stabilised.

Turn 5

The Austrians are forced back from their bridgehead on the right and mainly consolidate in their centre and left.

Turn 6

As darkness begins to fall the Austrians launch a costly bridge assault into Raszyn but fail to cross. they continue to feed troops in.

Turn 7

The Austrians pushed their guns up the causeway opposite Raszyn but fail to make any impact.


Well that was short and sweet. Unusually the weight of numbers has counted for little here. As I have failed to emulate the historical Austrians this must be considered a Polish victory.
(Rules used were my adaptation of Volley and Bayonet. Figures were 1/72 or 20mm from various manufacturers and painted by me)


  1. Lovely game as ever Phil and you changed history!
    Your solo efforts are superb!

  2. Thanks James - it worked quite nicely and good to use those new Poles!