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Sunday, 19 February 2017

My interests span a whole range of historical periods and a few years ago I attended a course on the medieval gentry at the University of York. It didn't cover the Wars of the Roses but it rekindled my interest in that period and I was able to pressgang my tutor into joining me for a couple of games. The games were played using the Warhammer Historical rules but none of the reports have survived. Whilst we enjoyed the games I began experimenting with my own rules and expanded my armies. Unusually for me the figures are '28mm' and mostly metal (they are a legacy of playing Warhammer in my youth).

A rather dark picture of my Lancastrian army. No particular battle being refought here but I'm quite pleased with the flags. Figures are mostly Perry Miniatures with some old Grenadier in the background.


Percy (we speak not of him)

Some of his retinue  - I even did them livery badges - I gave up on this as it means you can only use them for one thing - leave off the badges - save yourself a job and make your army more versatile...

En Masse !

His Royal Majesty - Henry - Sixth of that name- looking rather more magnificent than is historically accurate! Next post should see these chaps embroiled in Britain's bloodiest battle.


  1. Despite being Lancastrians (spit), they look great Phil!

  2. There are Yorkists too - I was born in the Yorkist stronghold of Kirby Muxloe (Hastings land) so tend to favour the other side - oddly York supported the Lancastrians for much of the war...