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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Well, today was the annual York wargames show and for the first time in many years I did not attend. I have no problem with the show, no axe to grind, this is not a protest. I simply have no money to buy stuff and nowhere to put anything I buy. In fact I may make this a year of not starting anything new. Most wargamers have too much stuff and flit frm one project to another but my hobby has become ridiculous I only have a small house and finite amount of spce - time to pull my horns in and work through some of the stuff I have already got!
Instead of the going to the show I started the first of my 1809 refights - Sacile:

There will be a full report on this game when it is completed.

I also painted some WW2 SS troops - Have never done any before as I always regarded them as somewhat distasteful (not to mention hard to paint) but if you are refighting actual battles you need t try and represent the troops that were actually there.

I think I made the camouflage over complex but I was trying to copy a pattern and then changed my mind half way through- I have a technique now so the next lot should be better. (Figures are Italeri and Caesar)

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